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Solutions for antigraffiti ERES. 
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ERES- extremely resistant ecological shield

The vision of graffiti daily show us that efforts to maintain clean our cities do not give praise fruits expected by the visual pollution they cause.
We linking this with our research and development of chemical products, we launched a program to present a real solution to the problem of graffiti.
We investigated the anti graffiti products on the market, we realized that none could muster while our two fundamental requirements of protection: total efficiency in time and a total respect for the environment.
From the beginning, we are dedicated to investigating only water-based systems to meet the highest standards in materials environmental protection. After a long and arduous research, we can say that our product exceeds the highest standards in the field of anti graffiti efficiency, durability, weather resistance, etc.
Aseguramos la mas alta calidad y eficiencia de nuestro producto innovador. 
Nuestro producto asegura el 100% su eficiencia y respeto al medio ambiente